How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Base

Leaking Toilet Base

A Leaking toilet base does not necessarily indicate that your bathroom is falling apart. However, it would help if you were cautious about the leaks, but do not panic. Nobody wants to confront such a situation being a homeowner. But these leaks test our patience, and almost everyone faces these issues.

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If you see water puddling around your toilet base, you do not immediately call a plumber to fix it. But you need to identify the problem and take some prompt and temporary measures to minimize the damage until your plumber arrives, or you fix the issue yourself. Therefore, this article will help you resolve the problems of a toilet base.

Reasons Behind a Water Leaking Toilet Base

If your toilet base is leaking, the wax seal is likely faulty. The toilet is set on the floor with the help of a flange that is kept with a bolt. The floor flange connects with the drain-waste-vent system. Your toilet will fit the floor flange with the use of a wax seal which is usually made of beeswax.

The above discussion clears that the most vulnerable point of a leaking toilet can be a faulty wax seal. It ages with time like any other thing and wears out. Loose bolts of a toilet base are another reason for the leakage.

Most Common Leaking Points

If you are worried about a leaking toilet base, ensure that the bolts are tightened, and the toilet base is well-fitted on the floor. If it still leaks water, a faulty wax seal is the other most likely reason.

Leaking Toilet Base Repair

Whoever squares up with a bathroom water leak asks, “How to stop a leaking toilet base?”. But the answer is not crisp; it is the explanation of a whole repairing process, which is illustrated below:

1.  Stop Using the Toilet

After you turn off the water supply to the affected area, you must stop using the leaking toilet. The reduced use of the bathroom minimizes the difficulties in the plumbing process and prevents water from puddling around.

2.  Empty the Toilet Tank

The only remaining water is within the toilet tank, with no water coming in from the source. Therefore, you need to drain this tank and ensure that there is no water within the tank. Begin this process after you ensure that the leak is due to the loosening of the bolts of the toilet base.

Press the push button on the tank and hold down the level until as much water as possible has flowed out of the tank. If there is no dedicated valve to stop water from flowing through the affected area, and water enters the tank through the fill valve, turn off your main water meter of the house. Clear the residual water with a suction tool, sponge, or shop vac.

3.  Loosen the Bolts and Lift Off the Toilet

Remove the caps off the flange bolts. A six-inch crescent wrench will help you take the nuts off the bolts at the toilet’s base. Lift the toilet off the bolts in such a way that it does not get damaged. Place it on a cardboard and once you complete the process, place the toilet back in position.

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Base

4.  Replace the Bolts

Check the condition of your bolts; if they are aged enough, replace them with fresh ones. Clean the slots of the bolts thoroughly, and slip the bolts into the spaces. Use the washers (preferably plastic washers) over the bolts to make a good seal.

5.  Replace the Wax Ring

Disengage the paper from the wax surface on the new seal. Set the seal over two bolts. Press on the seal mildly to seal the wax to the flange.

Ensure you slide the two bolts up through the designated slots on the ceramic base. Slip in the metal washer, followed by a plastic washer. Tighten the nut over the bolts with the hand; you can also use tools.

6.  Set the Toilet

Now lift the toilet from the cardboard and place it in the suitable position over the bolts. Tighten the bolts and then the nuts on the bolts to make a good seal. However, avoid over-tightening the nuts to prevent damaging them. Take care during this process so that the toilet does not get damaged.

7.  Reconnect the Water Supply

Now you can reconnect the supply by turning the valve. Wait for the tank to fill. Drain out the water from the toilet tank four or five times to ensure a watertight flange seal. If there is still leakage, you can call for a professional assistant.


A Leaking toilet base is irritating for homeowners, and in this panic situation, the easiest possible solution is to ask for a professional assistant. But repairing a leaking toilet tank is a relatively easy job to do. Mostly the toilet base leaks water because of a faulty wax ring or loose bolts. The repair process is simple, and a homeowner must go through it to clear the confusion about a malfunctioning toilet base.

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