Kitchen Sink Bottle Trap Installation/Replacement

You ought to buy the best products for your kitchen and sink bottle trap is one of them. It is in fact a necessity and hence it’s more important to choose the right one for your sink!


Why is a sink bottle trap important?

Let’s start off by understanding what a sink bottle trap is. A sink bottle trap is a type of sink trap among others, for example p traps or u bend. Bottle traps are placed under the sink container and on top of the drainage pipe. They are cylindrical in shape and are very compact. This is why bottle traps are more preferable where space is a limited factor. Average size of a bottle trap differs according to the equipment it is attached to like urinals, sinks, wash basins, etc. The average size of a bottle trap used for sinks is 38 to 40 mm (1 ½ inch).

The most common material used to make bottle traps is pvc but it’s manufacturing is not limited to that itself. Die cast brass, forged brass,etc are also used to make these traps. Bottle traps are designed in a way that the water outlet is horizontal. Bottle traps can also be unscrewed from the lower half portion. This allows and helps in cleaning of any clogs formed in it. Although because of it’s design they tend to collect debris more quickly compared to other traps but that’s negligible due to the unscrewing function.

Without a bottle trap, all the particles which are let into the sink while washing dishes, washing hands, etc will freely enter the drainage pipe. This will clog your pipe and the repairs can cause a hefty amount. That’s why it’s advisable to install a bottle trap in your sinks and replace old used ones. You don’t even have to search for good quality service because we’ve already provided our numbers. We use premium quality products for the installation and replacements so that your hard earned money is used for durability!

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