Toilet Flush System Leakage Repair

Toilet Flush System Leakage Repair

When your toilet flush stops operating or you observe water dripping from the tank, things can quickly get out of hand. Here’s everything you need to know about the situation and how to avoid dealing with it by simply calling us!


What exactly happens when you flush the toilet?

A flush operates in a very straightforward manner. The flush handle, a flapper, a float, a refill tube, a fill valve, and other components can all be found inside a flush tank. When the flush handle is pressed, the flapper is raised, allowing water to flow through. The flapper settles after a certain amount of time, and the refill tube begins pumping and filling the tank in preparation for the next flush.


What is the worst that could happen?

Here are some answers to your questions about why your flush system stopped working or why your tank started leaking. Even one faulty component can cause the entire flushing system to stop working, but tank leaks can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common cause is a problem with the flapper position. Water leaks into the toilet bowl when the flapper isn’t properly installed on the flapper seat. If your tank, on the other hand, is leaking from the bottom, the issue is most likely a worn-out water spud. A leaking tank could also be due to a tank that has cracked.


Get in touch with us!

In minutes, a simple leak can flood the bathroom, so why take the chance? For the most efficient service for your toilets, contact our team of skilled professionals. You won’t have to worry about any safety or health concerns, as well as any financial concerns, thanks to covid. We take pride in learning about our customers’ situations and tailoring our services to their needs! We take care of all the safety protocols and make sure that you have a safe experience with us, We are Singapore’s leading plumbing service providers and our services and proce are unmatched from anywhere in the industry.




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