Clear Toilet Sink Choke

Clear Toilet Sink Choke

Hygiene is a very important factor. But it can be compromised if your toilet sink stops working. Why put your family’s hygiene lifestyle in a blunder when we can fix everything?


What went wrong?

We all ask this question to ourselves when we find ourselves in a messy situation. You can try out a number of home remedies to clear out a small choke. Plungers or running hot water for 10-15 minutes can help. But when a choke is stubborn and aged, all these techniques will not have any impact on it. Now you’re back to wondering just how this situation escalated so much. Don’t panic, we got you! Here are some main causes of clog in toilet sinks:-

  • Soap: People often misunderstand that soap is completely dissolvable. Soaps contain multiple fatty substances. These substances leave a trail of scum behind them which we don’t notice because of how small the amount is. But when this small amount is added again and again, it can become a solid block. This is why hand wash and face wash are recommended over the use of soap.
  • Sink Trap: We automatically assume that the clog is located in the drainage pipe of the sink but sometimes it’s located in the sink trap. A sink trap can be clogged very easily if it’s not taken care of. Any particles can cover up the base of sink trap, successfully blocking the water which tries to pass through
  • Debris: This may not seem like a big factor in the clogging ordeal but it does play a very big role in it. Dust and debris from our atmosphere, when we wash our hands, etc can mix with other clogging factors like soap scum and make it more stubborn.


You can avoid these things in future but when your sink is already clogged, you need a reliable solution. We take pride in being a reliable and promising company which will resolve all your plumbing problems quickly!

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