5 Benefits of Storage Water Heater

The benefits of a storage water heater captivate relatively more populated families. As soon as the geysers were incepted, storage water heaters became the major area of attention, and most homeowners started using them.

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Storage water heaters have certain advantages for commoners, and you need to go through these advantages before you choose a heater for your home. If you are searching for the best-suited water heater for your home, you should read the article till the end. 

Types of Water Heaters

There are two primary types of water heaters: storage water heaters and instant water heaters. Storage water heaters store a large volume of hot water hence suitable for bigger families. In comparison, instant water heaters heat the water quickly and do not have a large storage capability; hence suitable for smaller families.

Storage Type Water Heaters

Storage-type water heaters store almost 15 gallons of water and heat this whole volume. A storage water heater provides a continuous and uninterrupted hot water supply for a long time. The lifetime warranty of storage water heaters is usually 12 years, with seven years of the tank warranty.

Therefore, if you have a family of many people and you have wanted hot water for a long time, you should choose a storage water heater. If you want to know the benefits of storing water heaters, read through the below sections.

Reasonable Water Pressure

An instant water heater heats a small surface area to provide hot water instantaneously. Instant water heaters are also commonly known as tankless type heaters. On the contrary, a storage water heater only opens the floodgates to a hot water reservoir. In other words, the storage water heater first heats a large volume of water and then provides the hot water supply to the faucets.

 This process slows the water heating, but upon heating, it provides hot water at a good pressure. This slow but sufficient heating results in an uninterrupted hot water flow at the receiving end suitable for high-pressure shower fixtures such as rain showers, massage jets, and bathtubs. Moreover, the water pressure remains high, and you will not fear the situation of an ending hot water supply.


Cost is the deciding factor in terms of the selection of home appliances. Often we compromise on a few things to bring an appliance within our financial limits, and water heaters are no different. Storage water heaters, the elders of the instant water heaters, are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, storage water heaters are often getting preferred over their modern counterparts.

No Flow Rate Problem

The instant water heaters only operate when the associated faucet is turned on. In other words, instant water heaters only heat the water when they are required to do so. Therefore, they need a minimum water flow rate as the operating threshold.

The water heater stops working if the supply water flow rate falls below that threshold. However, there is no such issue with conventional or storage water heaters. They can operate at any flow rate and in any condition.

Benefits of Storage Water Heater

Easy to Install

Ease in installing storage water heaters is one of the primary benefits of storage water heaters. The instant water heater is commonly installed near the endpoint, like a faucet or a shower head. In contrast, a storage water heater is flexible in its placement. You can select any suitable, aesthetically correct spot for the storage water heater installation from behind the false ceiling, in the cabinet to even on the air-con ledge; you can place it anywhere.


Storage heaters are bigger, and a 40-liter tank is the most basic size among Singapore apartments. These can easily fit into bathrooms and meet the requirements of a typical populated Asian family.

Space is usually not an issue for private apartments and landed properties that need bigger tanks. Floor-standing tanks are weatherproof and have a lot of flexibility in terms of positioning. They are flexible to use in the garden or roof.


The benefits of a storage water heater are far from providing hot water only. Homeowners need an in-depth knowledge of the pros and cons of the different water heater types. If you select the water heater wisely, you can relieve yourself from several issues to come.


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