Sink Pipe Repair

Sometimes we don’t realise the importance of a thing until it stops working. This line can be very relatable when your sink malfunctions. Contact us and get your sink working quickly!


What’s exactly wrong?

A sink has a faucet attached to the top portion for water supply. A pipe is attached to the bottom portion for the drainage of the dirty and usef water. This pipe can be made of metals like copper or stainless steel and also various plastic pipes like pvc, ppr, etc. The diameter of these pipes vary and the structure of pipe placements also differ according to the space. Sink traps are connected on the top of these pipes to prevent any big particles entering the pipes. They also block foul smells and gases from the drainage system.

Even with a simple anatomy, there are several reasons why a sink pipe would leak. It is important to know the main causes of these leaks. Here’s some of them explained briefly:

  • Clogged pipe: This is the most common reason for a leaking sink pipe. Various things like soap scum, hair, debris and dust, foreign objects, etc gather to form a clog in the pipes. This clog blocks the water and it overflows resulting in leaking pipes.
  • Pinholes: After many years of use, sometimes the pipes can wear out and develop pinholes in them. These pinholes can also be a result of extreme water pressure, temperature change, etc. Small leaks from pinholes can escalate into flooded sinks because of progression of pinholes into pipe cracks.
  • Non-functioning seals: Seals are fixed on pipe joints and connections to secure it. These seals are made from rubber to keep the joints watertight. These seals have a lifespan of a few years and after that they tend to break after that causing condensation and leaks.

Fixing these leaks is extremely important since they can cause much bigger problems later on. Once you contact us, you will avail a hassle-free repair service for your sink pipe. Our team is specialised in every plumbing problem repairs and that’s why you don’t have to think twice before booking an appointment!


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