Importance Of Proper Water Heater Installation – A DIY Guide

Proper Water Heater Installation

In this age of technology, everyone tries to do technical things on their own by reading some online articles or maybe watching a YouTube tutorial. But as they say, there is no substitute for experience, and a professional will outclass any amateur. Whether it is installing a water heater or any other task.

Whether you are installing a new water heater or replacing your older one. A proper water heater installation calls for a professional plumber, as any error can lead to dangerous situations down the road.

A person who has already performed water heater installation various times knows the ins and outs of the whole process and can be pivotal in preventing any unfortunate incidents that may happen in the future. A properly installed water heater will save you a lot of trouble.

Importance Of Proper Water Heater Installation

Proper water heater installation has many advantages, and should always be preferred over DIY approaches, for the following reason:

Prevention Of Installation Errors

Watching youtube videos and doing it on your looks good until you are stuck at a part that the creator didn’t mention in his video. You may be stuck halfway, or even if you are able to complete it on your own, it will have its shortcomings. Either way, you will have to contact a plumber to complete the task.

There is also another problem associated with this. While installing, you may damage the heater. Which may need repairing depending on the damage making you actually pay more than you have been trying to save by not hiring a professional. So, proper installation is a must as it can save you a lot of hassle.

Safety Standards

Every water heater has its specifications and needs different settings for proper working. Whether it runs on gas or electricity, you will need to adjust it to its proper settings, and this is not always an easy thing for a starter. A professional can help you in this regard as he has been through this many times.

Another advantage of getting professional help is that some cities or states have legal requirements for building safety. Local plumbers are aware of such laws and can guide you better and help in proper installation.

Prevention Of Leakage

Water heater installation is much more than just placing the heater on the blocks. It involves pipes, valves, and insulation. Loose fitting pipes or improper placing of valves will cause water leakage damaging the building or may even produce a shock if it comes in contact with electricity. A proper water heater installation prevents this risk as well as limits mold growth and building damage by preventing any leakage.

Save Time

You may think installing a water heater is just a few hours of work you can do in your leisure time on a Saturday evening. Well, it is a few hours of work but only for the professionals who know what they are doing.

You will spend half of your time watching tutorials and gathering all the tools needed to complete the work. After a few hours, you will feel irritated and will just leave work for another day. A professional has all the tools and will complete the job in no time.

Water Heater Installation

Long Lifespan

A properly installed water heater works more efficiently and has a better lifespan than an unprofessionally installed one, as it has fewer leaks and fits well. It prevents repairing it after some time or even replacing it after a few years, thus saving your hard-earned money.

Peace Of Mind

Let’s say you were able to complete the installation one way or another. But you will always have doubts in your mind thinking about whether you did it right or if there was something you missed. These thoughts cost us a lot in terms of mental unrest.

Problems like leaking and burning more energy may take some time before coming into the light, and you may have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. Even if there is no issue, you will never feel the satisfaction you get when a professional completes your work. It is understandable to spend a few extra dollars on a professional to preserve your peace of mind.


You may feel that you can save a few bucks by doing the installation yourself, but it’s not as simple as it seems, as you may bump into various problems while doing the installation. Like incomplete guidance and lack of tools and technical knowledge. Not only this, you may have to suffer problems like leaking afterward if the installation is not done correctly.

Proper water heater installation by a professional will cost you some bucks, but it is surely worth it as it is time-saving and efficient. It will last longer, and most importantly, you will have peace of mind.

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