What To Do If Water Is Coming Back Up In Kitchen Sink

Water is coming back Up in Kitchen Sink

Nothing is more horrible for a homeowner than to see water coming back up kitchen sink. Indeed, it isn’t easy to deal with when the water starts backing up from anywhere in the house. But confronting this situation in the kitchen is even worse.

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You cook the eatables in the kitchen, and with drain water backing up the drain, you can cook food comfortably, and that will result in an unclean environment in the kitchen. You need to take prompt action to tackle this situation, and calling a plumber is certainly one of the slowest methods because you need immediate actions to control the damage.

Solutions to Face the Water Coming Back Up Kitchen Sink

When water starts backing up in the kitchen sink, it is difficult to locate the exact clog point. Therefore, it is important to maintain the cool and work on the solution. Here are a few possible solutions that you can try:

Use of Boiling Water

Upon frequent use of the kitchen sink, the particles like food, gunk, grease, and hair get washed down the drain. Some particles will flow through the drain, while some will stick to the pipe and cause issues. After a few days, these stuck particles will cause the drain to clog. Water will not pass through the pipes fluently when these particles build up. Therefore, water will come back from the drain.

The sink trap is specifically vulnerable to clogging. While the sink trap is an important plumbing component that blocks sewer gas, it tends to accumulate buildup easily. Therefore, putting some boiling water into the buildup will likely dissolve the blockages and clear the clog. If boiling water does not solve the issue, try one of the other solutions explained in the later sections.

Clean the Garbage Disposal

It would help if you did the following when you see water coming back up the kitchen sink:

  •         Unplug your disposal
  •         Turn off the power supply of the garbage disposal

Clean the garbage disposal thoroughly to eliminate debris. Ensure that the disposal is turned off, and you can clean it with your hands. Try to access your sink drain and detect any food items that might be jamming the blades.

It’s time to remove all the scraps your hands can detect immediately, slowly. After completing this process, run the garbage disposal again and check whether water is flowing through the drain. You may try the next solutions if this does not work for you.

What to Do If Water is coming back Up in Kitchen Sink

Use of a Plunger

The plunger is a basic plumbing tool a homeowner requires now and then. The plunger has a cup attached to a long stick. You can try putting the sucking cup inside the drain through the buildup, and if it removes any debris, it may solve your issue. The plunger is widely used to take out the suspended blockages.

Plumber’s Snake

A plumber’s snake is another primary plumbing tool to clear the drains’ clogs. The plumber’s snake contains a long steel wire and a hook at the back end. Put the plumber’s snake through the accumulated water to the drain, and remove the suspended debris if you feel any. This will clear all the major blockages and help you clear the clog.

Vinegar and Soda

If the water is coming back from the drain, try putting in a handful of boiling water, and after some time, pour half a cup of baking soda. Let the soda travel to the drain and back it up with a cup of white vinegar; it contains acetic acid that will react with the base in the baking soda.

The acid and base will neutralize and dissolve many blockages, obstructing the water flow. This solution is the most basic and instant chemical solution with the availability of all the ingredients inside the kitchen.

Call a Plumber

One of the above solutions will likely resolve your issue, but if neither works for you, it’s time to call a plumber. The plumber will also try the same solution you may have tried already, but more professionally, that will resolve the issue.


When you see water coming back up kitchen sink, it’s time to apply some immediate plumbing skills to control the damage. When water builds up, it is not easy to locate the clog, but you can apply some basic solutions applicable to kinds of clogs. Even if you want to call a plumber, you will need some first-aid plumbing steps to minimize the damage until the plumber arrives.

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