Our Plumbing Services

Whether at home or at the office, there always seem to be plumbing issues that just never get done. When you need work done to your property and you don’t have the skills, time, or tools to do it yourself, you can rely on our experienced plumbers to take care of the repairs. Our experienced team can rapidly handle general maintenance and plumbing issues. Whatever your problem is, rest assured that Plumber Singapore is the one-call solution for all your common plumbing needs.

Leaking taps:

Leaking tap does not only waste water, it makes the place dirty and dangerous as well. When there is water on the floor, the floor becomes slippery, which can create a bundle of problems. But do not worry because we understand this problem and can solve your issue in the best possible way. Plumber Singapore is working and serving the people of Singapore for many years and provide a number of services. Our experience makes it easy for the worker to solve the most difficult problem in the best possible manner. Your leaking tap will be changed or repaired, depending on the condition, and this solution would be permanent or life time.

Faucet Repair

Frustrated with your leaking faucet or simply need to change out your old faucet? Quit spending extra money on service charges and call Plumber Singapore for faucet repair services. Most of the times, we can repair your faucet for less than what it would cost for a new one. Our prices are among the lowest in the plumbing industry so rest assured that you’ll not only get a best service, but you’ll also get a best price too..

Blocked Drains:

Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom blocked drain can really cause hassle and put your entire routine on hold. Call plumber Singapore to deal with blocked drains. We will come to your space and professionally unclog the blocked drains in a proficient manner. Our plumbers are the most skilled workers and they are able to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Now, you do not have to care about the blocked drains in your washrooms or in your kitchen because we have the best drain clearing solutions for your home.

Other services:

  • Replacement of aluminum doors, shower screens and toilet flooring
  • Installation or repairing of water heaters
  • Clearing of basin, floor traps, toilet bowls, pipes by machine assistance or manual labor
  • Pipe installation or re-piping
  • Installation, repairing and replacement of plumbing or sanitary fixtures for residential and commercial properties.

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