PVC Pipe Repair

You tend to choose the best for your house and that’s why you installed a pvc pipes based plumbing system. But nothing lasts forever, does it? This is why you should choose the best service for your pipe leaks as well by contacting us right away!


What is a PVC pipe?

PVC is the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. This material’s pipes became the most used and common pipes because of the number of benefits they provide in comparison to metal pipes which were traditionally used. They are usually white in colour. These pipes are molded and shaped according to their need. They can be valves, fittings, pipes or any other water/liquid managing equipment. The reason why this material is so flexible is the addition of phthalates and BPA (Bisphenol A) in it. There are also a number of variants available in PVC like UPVC, CPVC, etc

They’re just different versions of PVC with some chemicals and components changes in them.


Why are PVC pipes used instead of metal pipes?

Metals pipes like copper, stainless steel, etc have been used for plumbing for a long time. But PVC pipes quickly replaced them in almost every household and company. Some of the main reasons are listed here:-

  • Corrosion proof: Metals are prone to corrosion and develop rust eventually since they react with the minerals in the water as well as the oxygen in the air. This can be completely avoided when PVC pipes are installed.
  • Light weight: Thick metal pipes can weigh quite a lot and thin metal pipes are not an option. The manpower and energy needed to install these pipes are more compared to pvc pipes as they are light and portable.
  • Cost effective: Metal pipes can cost a hefty amount for it’s repair once it develops pinholes which results in cracks. Their lifespan is less than pvc pipes since they’re prone to corrosion as well.


PVC pipes are very beneficial but it’s natural for them to wear out and leak over time. But we make sure the repair process is also beneficial to you once you book an appointment with us!

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