How to Unclog Floor Drain

Unclog Floor Drain

After getting a lot of abuse from the dog hair to snow runoff, we need to unclog the floor drain. The drain is prone to clogging amid so much unmentionable gunk flowing down its throat. Occasionally, the water overload also causes the drain to clog. The real issue, however, is the way it is handled.

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You should avoid using commercial drain cleaners, which can harm and eat through your pipes, leaving you with an even bigger problem. If your floor drain is clogged and you want a way out, you have landed in the right place. This article will explore the methods of clearing a clogged floor drain to normalize water flow.

What is a Floor Drain, and What Does It Do?

A floor drain is a drain pipe positioned on the floor of a building structure and connected to a sewer line. It drains the water from the floor and prevents flooding of the extra water. Water will pool around the plumbing station if the floor drain is clogged.

Water storage tanks can store gallons of water and are typically installed near the drain. So that if the tank bursts or starts leaking water, this leaking water does not affect the house and its structure; instead, it safely flows down the drain to the sewer line.

Methods to Unclog Floor Drain

Several methods are applicable to clear the floor drains and avoid water pooling. Some of the most viable techniques are explained in this article.

1. Use of a Plunger

The plunger is a primary plumbing tool and a must-have in all domestic and commercial buildings. A plunger is typically used to clear the clogs in the drains and pipes. We apply petroleum jelly on the plunger’s cup to make a good seal. We can send the plunger down by applying a pump-and-vacuum pressure.

 After using the plunger several times, you will clear the clog, and you should send boiling water down the drain to streamline the water flow. If this method does not work for your case, check another one among the methods to follow.

2. Use of a Drain Snake

A drain or plumber’s snake is the most used method among drain clearing methods. Plumber’s snakes come in different varieties in the market, i.e. the handheld and the electric snakes are the most common. This method sends a long steel wire containing a hook at the end point down the drain.

 Move this wire till you feel resistance; if you feel a hard thing, it’s probably a pipe bend, so do not force it. Try moving the snake in all directions and pull back anything stranded inside. Ensure to pull the snake gently and avoid forcing it. This method is widely used in residential buildings.

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar Method

If you cannot see the clog, put some boiling water into the drain to get a sight of the drain. Open the drain cover to let the solution into it. Mix vinegar with baking soda and pour this mixture into the drain. The chemical reaction of an acid (vinegar contains acetic acid) and soda (A base by nature) creates carbon dioxide bubbles that will ease and clear the clog. Pour another cup of the mixture, and close the drain cover.

This solution will clear the clog within ten minutes. Using vinegar and baking soda is a straightforward and cost-efficient method that can also be used as a preventive measure. If you are not facing a clogged floor drain issue, you can still pour this mixture to avoid potential clogs.

How to Unclog Floor Drain

4. Chemical Drain Opener

If the plunger and drain snakes do not work, you face a stubborn clog and need a solid solution. Chemical drain opener tablets are available in the market to clear the clogs through the effect of chemical reactions. You need to put one or two tablets into the drain as per the instructions, and the chemical reaction will do the rest. Sometimes, chemical drain openers soften the clogs, and then you can use a plunger or a drain snake to eliminate them.

5. Wet Vacuum

Using a wet vacuum is another inexpensive method to unclog the floor drains. Suck the clog through a wet vacuum after removing the drain cover. Then, use a plunger, or drain snake to clear the clog.

6. Using Professional Drain Cleaning Machines

If you feel the clog is a stubborn and irresolvable one that has beaten all the traditional clearing methods, you can seek help from professional drain cleaning machines to clear the drain.

How to Unclog a Floor Drain with Standing Water?

Use rubber gloves to reach down the drain and pull out any debris around the drain. Pour some boiling water down the drain and wait. After the standing water starts to ease, you can use any of the above methods to clear the clog.


Several methods to unclog floor drains are applicable, and most are easier to implement and cost-efficient. Read about the methods to enlighten the ideas about clearing stubborn and annoying floor drain clogs.

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