How to Repair a Leaking Drain Pipe

A leaking drain pipe is unsanitary and harmful and causes water wastage. The detection of a leaking drain is much more complicated than the repair. People detect the leak when much of the damage has already been done. Therefore, timely detection and prompt plumbing action can save you from certain unwanted things.

The leaks typically occur near the drain body or in between pipes. The leaks can also occur in the P-trap. Most drain leakages are easier to fix, and you do not need professional assistance to do the repair work. However, you should know some basic things about repair work to avoid increasing the mess.

Symptoms of a Leaking Drain Pipe

As mentioned earlier, the detection phase of the leaking drains is the most difficult, and the rest is not a big problem. This section will help you detect the leaking drains by explaining some primary indications.

Sewer Line Backing up

whenever there is a sewer backup problem in a specific line, which frequently happens over time, indicating a blockage or leakage at your drain.

Nasty Smells

If the surrounding area of the drain pipe becomes continuously wet and moist, it is another indication of a drainpipe leakage. Moreover, leaking drain pipe in the wall causes moisture on the walls. A nasty smell erupts from the floor and even the walls. Conclusively, drainpipe leaks make your house unhygienic within no time.

Causes of a Leaking Drain Pipe


Cracks in the Drain Pipes

The pipes start cracking with time, and these small cracks in the drain and sewer line get worse. In addition, corrosion causes the weakening of the pipe and, ultimately, the pipe break.

Accidental Damage to the Pipe

While we talk about the ages, pipes start leaking, and newer ones can also leak. When you are reconstructing or maybe cleaning, drain pipes sometimes get accidentally damaged. When the pipes get dislocated, cracks will lead to a leaking pipe.

Cleaning of Pipes and Traps

Drain pipes can also get cracked by cleaning the P-trap during disengagement and reattachment. 

Preventive Measure

Preventions are always better than treatment, and you can certainly avoid a drain leakage by keeping in mind the following preventive measures.

  • Take care of your drains and use them properly.
  • Install good-quality pipes and fittings. Compromising the quality of plumbing materials will leave you with regret after some time.
  • Avoid sending hard and un-dissolvable material into the drain.

How to Fix a Leaking Drain Pipe?

If you have a leaking drain inside your house, you can detect and fix the issue, but a leaking drain pipe outside the house is a significant issue, and you need to call a professional for that. Some temporary and permanent solutions are the outlines of this section.

Temporary Repair Methods


Epoxy Putty

A 2-part epoxy putty is contrived of a base and a hardener that brings solidity around your pipe when mixed together. Applying an epoxy putty can fix the leaks temporarily, but you should go for permanent solutions to prevent facing the problem again after some time.

Silicon Tape

Silicon pipes are suitable for the low flow points in your plumbing system, like the joints and slightly running faucets. Wrap the silicon tape around the pipe tightly, making overlapped rotations to form a tight seal. Silicone tape cannot stick directly to the pipe, but it will stick to its previous layer, so it’s easy to remove later. Silicon tape repair is also temporary but applicable to any pipe.

Pipe Clamp

Clamps have a gasket and small nuts that attach and detach the clamp onto the pipe. Using pipe clamps is a valuable temporary repair, but like any other temporary method, it is also helpful for a short time. However, you cannot apply a clamp on the corners or turns.

How to Repair a Leaking Drain Pipe

Permanent Solutions


Fix Leaking Pipe Connections

Sometimes the connecting points are the culprits in terms of leaking water. You need to ensure all the connecting points are tightly screwed and do not need further tightening. Make sure to avoid overtightening the nuts since you can damage the strips by doing that.

Replace Broken Fittings

 If the primary cause of the leak is a broken or malfunctioning fitting, then the best repair is to replace the broken fitting. You can take the broken fitting to the hardware store and get a new one of the same size.

Replace the Pipes in Stages

If you identify that the pipe is aged enough or broken and need to replace the pipe, consider replacing the broken piece or complete pipe length. If the pipe is newly installed, you can replace the broken piece, but if it is an aged pipe, replace the complete pipe section. You can replace the drain lines in stages for ease.


A leaking drain pipe causes water wastage and loss of money. The detection phase of a leaking drain is the most difficult. Once you detect the leakage, you can find a solution that suits your problem. For any escalation in the problem, you should call a professional.

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