How To Fix A Leaking Kitchen Sink – A Complete Guide

leaking kitchen sink

Leaking kitchen sinks are one of the worst situations one can get oneself in. Sink leaks can cause intense frustration and easily ruin one’s day, especially when one returns from work and finds the sink busted. There is nothing for him to do except to think about the mess left behind and wait for the plumber to arrive and do the cleaning and repairing job for them.

Causes of Leaking Kitchen Sinks

There can be several causes of a malfunction or a blockage that can leave the sink leaking due to the overflow or backflow of water. Damages in the pipe under the sink can also cause a leak under the sink.

Some of the most important and frequent causes of sink leaks are

  1. Damage to the drain leading to its leaking
  2. Kitchen tap leaking and continuous flow of water
  3. Loose piping under the sink
  4. Blockage and clogging in the P-trap of the sink
  5. Damage to the rubber O-ring of the drain
  6. Damage to the rubber washers

How To Fix A Leaking Kitchen Sink – Step By Step Guide

Whenever you face a difficult situation and need the leak to get fixed, you don’t have to wait for a plumber and can get down to the fixing job yourself. Many people do this and have been doing this for a long time. You can also do this for yourself and repair kitchen sinks in no time.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about the repair:

1.   Take A Survey Of The Leaking Situation

The first step in repairing the sink is to assess the leak and locate the cause. Whenever you see extra water on your kitchen floor or in your sink cabinets, you face a leaking problem. The following approach is to locate the exact place of the leak and identify the underlying cause.

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One way to locate the leak position is to look at the place of standing water or the apparent darkness, and the leak can be found right above both of these locations.

2.   Narrow Down To The Type Of The Leak

The pressure of the water coming out of the pipe can help you determine the type of leak the pipe has. In case when water is coming out in an outburst, the leak is likely in a pressurized pipe. Leaks from a drain pipe cause water to pool at the bottom of the pipe cabinet. Find other suspected locations, and look for the type of water accumulating there. This will help you determine the kind of leak.

how to fix leaking kitchen sink

3.   Fix The Leak

Once you have identified the type of leak your pipe has, the next step is getting down on the pipe and fixing it. This part is a bit tricky as different leaks and pipes require different approaches. But once you have practiced enough and know your way around basic plumbing, you will easily be able to fix the problem in no time. There can be several approaches to repair based on the type of leak.

1.   Leaks In The Faucet

Faucet leaks are straightforward to repair as they do not require any technical work to improve the situation. If you have identified the source of the leak as a faucet, get the faucet replaced, and the problem will be fixed.

2.   Leaks Due To Drain Seals

If the faucet is not showing any problem, the following approach is to check the drain seal. These leaks can be challenging to fix, but thankfully they do not require any extra knowledge and can be solved after some attention.

If there is a leak in the drain seal, follow the following steps to get to the solution:

  • Use a pair of pliers and take out the old drain. You can also use a fork when you do not have a pair of pliers.
  • Apply adhesive material in and around the drain location.
  • Get the new seal and put it in place, securing it with the adhesive.

3.   Leaks In The Drain

If the problem is not going away after fixing the first two components, the damage might be in the drain, and you will need a wrench to tighten the nut around the pipe. If the problem continues, it might be too complex, and you might have to get the issues involved.


Now you know the causes of a leaking kitchen sink, their types, how to go about the repairing business, and how to fix a leaking kitchen sink. Remember that most leaking kitchen sink problems are pretty straightforward and do not want professional intervention.

But if you face a problem you can’t fix and get a kitchen sink leaking under skin, you will be better off calling a professional to get the job done. This will cost you some money, but the peace of mind you will get after getting professional help will be with the effort, and the problem will disappear for good.

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