How to Change a Toilet Pump?

A toilet is one of the most basic needs of a human being and can be frustrating if any of its components go out of business. Now, one of those components could be the toilet pump. The toilet pump works for the flushing of the sewage in the toilet and can create huge problems for you if it malfunctions. 


You can change your toilet pump yourself easily. The only requirement is some plumbing tools and plumbing skills. If you are looking for the process of changing your toilet pump, then you are in the right place.


How to change a toilet pump? To change the toilet pump, first off, you need to turn off the main water supply and completely detach the old toilet pump from the valve. Next up, you need to get the old valve separate from the water supply hose. After that, take the new pump and adjust its height according to that of the water tank. In the end, connect it to the water supply and water tank and turn the water on.


Further in this article, you will get a detailed idea about the replacement of the toilet pump. So, read till the end.

Process of Changing a Toilet Pump:


1. Getting the Right Tools for the Process

Getting the right tools beforehand is always the best strategy while doing or installing anything because you do not want to have any mishaps later. Now, to install the toilet pump, you must get a certain set of tools necessary. These tools include a wrench, a pair of pliers, measuring tape, bucket, screwdriver, and screws.


All of these tools are necessary for the replacement of the toilet pump and the process can not be done without them. These are the basic need of the process.

2. Stopping the Water Supply

The first step in the process is stopping the main water supply to the toilet. This is necessary because the toilet pump is connected mainly to the water supply and water from it during the process could disturb you. So, always stop the water supply before getting onto the main process of replacing the toilet pump.

3. Emptying the Water Tank

The next step in the process is to empty the water tank of the toilet. This step is also necessary because the toilet pump’s main body is installed inside the water tank of the toilet. And if the water starts entering the pump, then you will not be able to fix it perfectly which could lead to future mishaps and problems. So make sure to empty the tank beforehand.

4. Adjusting the Height of the Toilet Pump

Now, in the next part, you need to adjust the height of the toilet pump according to the height of the water tank of your toilet. This is of extreme necessity due to Bernoulli’s effect that compels the water to stay at a level to not overflow. So, always adjust its height beforehand.

5. Removing the Old Toilet Pump

Once you have laid the foundation for the installation of the new pump, you have to get rid of the old one you are replacing with. Now, firstly, you have to unscrew the hoses of the old pump and get it out of the water tank. In this step, you have made all the necessary preparations for the installation of the new pump.

Change a Toilet Pump

6. Installing the New Pump

At the very end, you need to install the new toilet pump and for that, you unbox it and place it in the water tank. After that, you have to connect its hoses to the main water supply line and the toiletry. 


Now, tighten the screws on all the hoses’ connections and make sure to do it carefully because you could damage the ceramics of the toilet. Finally, when all the connections have been made, open the main water supply line and test the pump at least 5 times to check for any malfunctions.


In conclusion, replacing a toilet pump is a very easy process and people think of it as a part of work requiring professionals. But, in reality, any person could do this without a hassle. Its only requirement is a human being with the necessary tools and a mind having basic skills of tightening and loosening the screws. 


As for the process, I have given you all the knowledge you need to get started with the process of replacing your toilet pump. Now, what are you waiting for, go and fix your toilet pump problem right away, if you have it or contact us?



Is it easy to replace a toilet fill valve?

Yes, it is very easy to replace a toilet fill valve. It is a task any person can do as long as they have the proper toolset and a basic sense of screwing and unscrewing. Moreover, as easy as this task is, it also saves you a lot of time as well as a great deal of money. It keeps you from waiting for the professional and spending any money.

What is the pump in the back of the toilet called?

The pump in the back of the toilet is commonly known as the flush. If we talk about professional terms, it is also known as a toilet fill valve. The sole purpose of this valve is to get the wastewater from inside the toilet bowl and flush it into the sewage system of the house. Also, it works with a grinder motor that also provides a heavy push to the waste. That is the mechanism behind it.

What tools do I need to replace the fill valve in the toilet?

It is inevitable to get some tools while installing or replacing anything. But, sit back and relax, you do not need too many tools in case of replacing the toilet pump. You will just need a bucket to collect water in, a wrench, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and some screws. That is all you are going to need in terms of tools while replacing the toilet pump.


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