Easy Ways to Replace a Toilet Tank

Easy Ways to Replace a Toilet Tank

Homeowners need to know when do they require to replace a toilet tank because once it starts leaking water, it can cause multidimensional damage to their daily lives. If the toilet tank is cracked and worn enough, you should save time replacing it before it gets too late.

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Toilet assembly usually has two parts. Hence it is commonly termed the two-piece toilet. The toilet bowl and the toilet tank are the two parts of the assembly. If the toilet tank leaks water, you do not necessarily need to replace the bowl. This guide explains the necessary information on the toilet tank working and its replacement if due.

Working on Toilet Tanks

The Toilet tank is a component of the toilet assembly, and it stores water to be used in the flushing process. Once the flushing process completes and the push button is pressed, the toilet fill valve inside the tank allows the tank to start storing water again.

This stored water is then used for the next flushing process. If the toilet tank breaks, cracks, or wears out with time, it will leak a lot of water. This water leakage will hit you in terms of repair expenses and also the water bills. Therefore, the repair process should start promptly.

How to Replace a Toilet Tank

The Toilet tank replacement process is simple and easier, and you only need to follow the below instructions to complete the process.

1. Turn off the Water Supply

One should always start plumbing work by turning off the water supply. In the case of toilet tank replacement, you need to turn off the water supply in the bathroom. If there is no dedicated valve controlling the water supply to the bathroom, you should turn off the main water supply.

2. Drain the Residual Water

When there is no input supply, you must drain the water left in the tank. You can drain the water by repeated flushings. You will find a little quantity of residual water in the bottom of the tank; remove it using a sponge. It would help if you dried out the tank completely.

3. Disengage the Supply Lines

Find the plastic or metal tube that connects the toilet tank to the water valve. Then, unscrew the end of the pipe that stays on the container. You can loosen the pipe end with your hands. But if you find it difficult to grip the item correctly, use a wrench or pair of pliers. It would be best to place a container under the bowl to collect any divulge from the hose. Now the toilet tank assembly is completely disengaged from the toilet tank.

4. Find and lose the Screws

Some bolts are used to connect the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. Find these outer bolts at the bottom of the cistern. Hold these nuts firmly with a pair of pliers, and use a screwdriver to reach the bolt heads inside the toilet tank. If the bolts are loosened, the nuts will be free. Since you have unscrewed the nuts, remove them from inside the tank. Similarly, remove all the bolts and remove them to disengage the toilet tank from the toilet bowl.

5. Get a New Toilet Tank

The most important part of replacing a toilet tank is getting a new one with the same dimensions, which is suitable to fit the toilet bowl. This compatibility in size is crucial because water has to pass through the bowl through the holes, and if the toilet tank is not suitable for the holes, it can leak water. Therefore, always choose a toilet tank carefully to set perfect compatibility.

Replace a Toilet Tank

6. Slide Rubber Washers in

It’s time to slide the rubber washers in the bolts and press them tightly to make a perfect seal. Ensure to slide rubber washers in all the bolts.

7. Install the New Toilet Tank

Finally, raise the tank from the sides and fix it on the back end of the toilet. Ensure the gasket on the tank is well positioned on the big hole behind the bowl. You also need to align the bolts to be in the best position. Do all these steps with great care because slight negligence can damage the ceramic toilet and create an even bigger mess. Slide the bolts from inside the cistern through the bottom holes. Hold the tank with one hand and slide the bolts through the spaces. Use rubber washers to push through the bolts.

8. Complete the Connections and Turn on the Water Supply

Reassemble the connections and tighten the bolts to fix the toilet tank firmly on the toilet bowl. Reconnect the water supply line by screwing the hose. Turn on the water supply, and check the system for any leaks.


It is important to replace a toilet tank when it starts leaking water due to certain issues. The replacement process is straightforward and needs little time and concentration. You can do it yourself without any professional help.

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