5 Common Causes of a Leaking Shower and How to Fix It

A leaking shower is an annoying issue you cannot ignore for a long time because it can damage the substrate of your home. While the structure of your building is the most significant investment you have made, you will certainly not want to destroy it with a persistent leakage. The causes of the leakage are the first thing you should identify to fix the issue thoroughly.

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What are the possible causes of the leakage? Can you solve the problems without a technical assistant? When should you call a professional to wrap up things for you? These are some vital questions you can encounter while facing a water leakage issue. This article will discuss all possible aspects of a shower leaking water.

Indications of a Leaking Shower

Before we discuss the causes of the leaking shower, we must know the indications to help you identify the problem. If a problem of this severity goes unnoticed, you can suffer severe financial burdens. In this section, we will the clues on how to identify the problem; below are a few signs to serve the purpose:

Displaced Tiles

The adhesive material that holds the tiles together is ruptured due to a consistent waterfall. Therefore, if you see displaced or detached tiles, it indicates a potential water leak.

Molds Growth and Moldy Smell

The best place for molds to grow is a warm and wet place, and your bathroom is one of those. If you feel a moldy smell or visible mold growth in the bathroom, the water is likely leaking somewhere, and your shower can be the culprit.

Visible Stains

There is water leakage somewhere near if you see visible stains of water on the walls or the ceiling. Therefore, the visible stains also help you identify the problem.

Possible Causes/ Leake Points of a Shower

In this section, we will discuss the parts of a shower that can cause leakage.

Leaking Shower Drain

A shower drain is an essential part of the overall shower assembly. The shower drain needs to work correctly to improve the overall system’s effectiveness. But the shower drain is also pronto clogging. The reason for the drain clogs is extensive, but the hair, debris, and soap are the most prominent.

How to Fix?

Usually, when a drain clogs or leaks water, the problem lies in the gasket, O-ring, and the washer. Therefore, we need a complete procedure to fix the issue. The following steps will help us fix the problem of shower drain leakage.

  •  Remove the drain cover to begin the procedure.
  •  You will find the compression gasket you must remove.
  •  You should also detach the shower drain body.
  • Cleaning is the most crucial part of a drain. You should clean the drain carefully and let go bucketful of boiled water through the drain to clear it.
  • Now you should install the new gasket.
  • Reattach the new shower drain body and seal it with epoxy putty.
  • Finish the process smoothly.

Shower Leaking from Pipe

The pipe responsible for taking water from the tap to the showerhead is the shower pipe. It is also significantly less likely that the shower pipe leaks the water. This leaking water may be due to a loose connection on either end of the pipe. The second possibility is that the pipe is damaged or burst, and you need to consider alternatives.

How to Fix?

When we see a shower pipe leaks water, we want to change it, but before changing the pipe, we must examine the other solutions that are described below:

Loose Connection or Damaged Thread

If the joint point or the threaded ends of the shower pipe are leaking water, and you replace the pipe, you will continue to face the same problem. Therefore, first, carefully tighten both ends of the pipe.

Pipe Replacement

If the above solution does not work for your case, the pipe is likely leaking water, and you need to change it immediately.

Leaking Shower

Shower Leaking from Wall Unit

The third possible location of a shower leakage can be its wall unit. The valves and the faucets are the main parts of the assembly. If the shower contains a single faucet, you only need to check one valve, and if there are compression or dual faucets, you need to check either to locate the fault. The showerhead can also be a potential leaking point.

How to Fix?

The following steps will help us to fix the problem of leaking from the wall unit.

At the Faucets

If the problem is at the faucets, you need to determine which tap is causing the problem. In most cases, the damaged O-rings or the washers are the primary reasons for a water leak.

Therefore, for a single faucet setup, change the washers of the single faucet, and for dual faucet showers, change the washers of bath faucets. You must remove the cap and find the washers in the inside assembly.

At the Showerhead

If the problem is at the showerhead, you need to replace the washer in the showerhead only.


A leaking shower is a topic worth discussing, and any homeowner should learn the basics to fix minor problems. A shower’s multiple causes, indications, and fault points need a thorough go-through. You can choose the suitable fixing method for your problem by learning different techniques.

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