Clogged Toilet Repair

Do you find yourself using your plunger more than your toilet? Let’s take a look at the issue and figure out what we can do about it. The construction of a toilet is straightforward, but it appears to be significantly more complicated once it becomes clogged. When it comes to a clogged toilet that won’t even be unclogged with a plunger, panic flushing is useless. The source of the clog should be the first thing you notice in this situation. The following are some possible causes for your bathroom’s clogged toilet:

  1. When toilet paper is used excessively, it can cause a significant buildup in the draining pipes. This problem can be solved by limiting the use of toilet paper or simply installing a bidet spray.
  2. Toilet traps are similar to sink traps in that they are installed in toilets. These stop large or foreign objects from passing through the drain pipes. These toilet traps have a higher chance of becoming clogged due to their function. Make a point of checking in on it every few months.
  3. Toilet vents are installed on the house’s roof to keep the flush pressure at a reasonable level. Something will likely block these vents, resulting in a reduction in rampant pressure. The toilet will begin to clog more frequently once the flush stops working correctly.
  4. One of the reasons could be that the toilet is an older model with a low flow system. This type of situation is quickly resolved by installing a newer model.


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