Bathroom Flood Repair

What is worse than having a very bad day at work? Well, coming back home to a flooded bathroom after having a bad day at work. You have no idea whatsoever about what may have happened behind your back because when you left, everything was perfectly normal. So, what actually happened? Let’s cut the crap and jump right at the possibilities of a flooded bathroom.


Causes for a Bathroom Flood

You need to be aware of the reasons that can cause a flood in your bathroom. Only if you are aware of the reasons can you decide what is actually happening in your bathroom and when you should call a plumber. Here are the reasons behind a flood in your bathroom.


Clogged Sink or Tub drains

Clogged sinks are definitely not a pleasant thing to watch or tolerate. But, what is the reason behind these clogged sinks? When a foreign particle gets stuck in the sink or drain and refuses to flow out, it causes an abstraction for water to flow freely too and that is how water gets collected and drains and sinks get clogged. Due to over-accumulation of water in the clogged sinks and drains, the water tends to overflow in the bathroom causing a flood.

A Floor Trap Choke

The floor trap can be blocked for a variety of reasons. Although these things can seem trivial, but they can have a huge impact on the build-up in your drain pipes. Blockages are also caused by hair and soap deposits from the toilet. Other causes of choking in the floor traps include detergent residue from our laundry, minute thread fragments from our clothing, and so on. Dirt and debris will, of course, find their way into traps at any time of day!

Pipe Burst

Our water supply system’s pipes can occasionally burst due to high temperatures. A pipe burst can also be caused by worn pipes or an attack on the pipes. Frozen pipes may cause significant flooding in addition to bursting pipes.

Dysfunctional toilets and Sinks

Toilets or sinks that aren’t working properly may cause water to overflow unintentionally. You could go out for the day and return home to a flooded bathroom due to an overflowing toilet or a broken sink. May be you were in the mood for a luxury shower but had to cancel on it due to an emergency. But in all the hurry, you forgot to turn the faucet off and ran off to run errands. BOOM! You return home and are greeted with the sight of a flooding bathroom!



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