5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bathroom Clogging

Bathroom Clogging

Bathroom clogging is a typical issue in most houses. More than the frequency of occurrence, the talk should be about the turbulence in the daily life of homeowners. Because cleaning the bathroom is everyone’s minor favorite chore. Homeowners are easy to put the trash away, vacuuming, and mopping, but they do not prefer cleaning the bathroom. 

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This fact points out the main reason we often come across bathroom clogs. It is essential to understand that while we take a bath, hair and dirt get stuck in the drain, which will cause clogs. Therefore, it is a good practice to clean your bathroom regularly. 

How to Prevent Bathroom Clogging?

Every homeowner wants to know How to keep drains from clogging. This guide will explain the most probable reason for bathroom clogging with the proper prevention techniques. The subsections will illustrate the five best drain clog prevention techniques. 

Be Cautious While Using the Bathroom

Being cautious is more important than clearing the clogs later on. Being mindful means, you need to look around at the things in your bathroom. It does not signify the inspection of your bathroom hourly, but it indicates the importance of your observation during use.

When you notice something that can cause clogging, remove it immediately; sometimes, you see that the drain is old and rusty and cannot do its job correctly, but you will only notice things when you inspect it closely. This practice will improve the overall cleaning habits in your house. Moreover, nothing unwanted will reach the drain of your bathroom. 

Target Hair Clogs

When you use the bathroom, hair is the most unnoticed culprit that will flow away with water and cause the drain to clog. Hair is the most common reason for blocking the drain. We will discuss some preventive measures to minimize hair clogging.

Using the hairbrush inside the bathroom will cause the hair to fall on the bathroom floor and flow with water to reach the drain. Changing this practice will help you reduce hair clogging significantly. Furthermore, while bathing, you should not deliberately let the hair fall on your bathroom floor, but make sure you capture the falling hair in your hand and dispose of it outside. 

Best Drain Clog Prevention Technique 

Even these solutions will minimize hair clogs but will not eradicate them. You cannot catch each falling hair strand. Therefore, using a hair catcher on the drain is a viable solution. Using a catcher will trap all the hair up the drain and dispose of it when you clean the bathroom. Therefore, it is one of the best drain clog prevention techniques.  

Flush All the Drains Simultaneously

Flushing all the drains at once will cause the blockages to flow away, and the clogs will clear. You will need the help of many people to complete this task. First, you have to close all the drains in the house. 

Make sure someone is present next to every drain. Now everyone should open all the drains at once. This cascading water will help you clear all the clogs. It would help if you practiced this technique at least twice a month to prevent possible bathroom clogs. 

Natural Solutions

When a drain clog occurs, all the homeowners try to clear it themselves. Minor clogs are easy to remove. However, some stubborn clogs need technical solutions. You may need to loosen these clogs and then work on eradicating them. 

You can use natural solutions to remove clogs in your drainage system. These solutions are briefly explained below:

  • Put one cup of bleach into the drain at night.
  • In the morning, Set your shower to spray warm water and let it flow through the drain for about five minutes.
  • Put 3/4th of a cup of baking soda and 1/4th cup full of vinegar into the drain.
  • Pour boiling water down the drain to clear all the blockages. 

Prevent Bathroom Clogging

Use a Plumber’s Snake

It would help if you used a plumber’s snake to clean the drain now and then. A plumber’s snake is a plumbing tool with a long steel cable and a hand crank. Send this cable down the drain, and it will break all the obstacles in its way. It will also clear the oil and minerals inside the pipes. 

Try to clear your drain system weekly and use a plumber’s snake to avoid running your day by clogs later on. However, if you do not have a plumber’s snake or do not know how to use it, you should call a professional without wasting much time. 

Bottom Line

Bathroom clogging is a frequently occurring plumbing problem. Clogs are easy to avoid if you pay some attention to preventive measures. Typically, hair clogs are the most common among all the clogs. You need to prevent the hair and dirt from entering the drain. The clog prevention techniques, including boiled water, vinegar, baking soda, and a plumber’s snake, are viable in most cases.

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