5 Common Toilet Bowl Problems and How to Fix Them

Common toilet bowl problems are significant for homeowners. Your toilet contains two essential components the bowl and the tank. The bowl lies on the floor, but the tank holds the water for flushing purposes. Typically bowl comprises solid porcelain and does not involve repairs. On the other hand, the tank contains valves and the handle that initiates the flush.

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Typically, the toilet tank valves require more repair due to the valves. However, most toilet problems are easy to handle, and it is not essential to hire a plumber. Instead, you can fix them with little relevant knowledge.

Working on a Toilet Tank

Before we rush to the toilet problems, we must understand the functionality of the toilet tank. The fundamental purpose of the toilet tank is to hold the water and release it upon a flush. After the flush, refill and regulate the water till the next flush. Water moves to the bowl through an opening at the bottom of the tank.

There are two primary toilet tank parts: the flush valve and the fill valve. These valves work in such a way as to serve the primary purpose of the tank. The Fill Valve: Fill valve, also known as the “refill” valve, automatically opens the water supply to fill the tank in the event of a flush.

Whatever the toilet’s or the tank’s design, the fill valve maintains a fixed level of water in the tank before and after a flush. This valve can have three to four types depending on the operation mechanism. From top to bottom in the tank, you will find this valve in the left corner.

Importance of Understanding Common Toilet problems

Toilet problems can occur at any time, and if you are blank in perspective of the first aid plumbing, you can face a difficult time someday. Therefore, it is a must-have knowledge to understand the fundamental problems and their possible solutions. This article illustrates some of the common toilet problems and their solutions in detail.

Toilet Bowl Common Issues

The common issues of the toilet bowl are following which are given below;

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is one of the most common toilet bowl problems. Clogging can occur due to a clogged drain, and the reason for drain clog can be the flushing of the non-flush object. But you do not need to hire a professional to clear it in most cases. You will need a simple plunger to remove this kind of problem. You may need a “plumber’s snake” for more severe cases.

Common Toilet Leaks

While most common toilet problems occur in the tank, the leaking structure of a toilet is more relevant to the toilet bowl. You can notice this problem by water pooling around the floor. A little condensation is understandable, but if water keeps pulling out, it indicates a leakage. This water is not clean, so you should try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

The most common reason behind this issue is the wax rings that help the toilet bowl fix the floor. You have to remove the toilet first to replace this wax ring. Replacement of the toilet might seem challenging, but once you do it, you will not find it difficult.

Cracked Toilet Bowl

A cracked bowl is one of the most common toilet bowl problems that occur with the aging of your toilet. When the porcelain gets aged, water starts to get inside it and further weaken it. Resultantly, the outer surface breaks, and the bowl cracks.

Cracks cause irreparable damage to the toilet bowl. Therefore, replacing the bowl immediately after you notice the cracks are safe. The toilet bowl replacement is vital because the cracked toilet can also damage your building.

Toilet Bowl Problems

Bubbling Toilet

When you flush the water to remove the waste and send it to the drain, you need to have a second air opening to streamline the water and waste flow. However, sometimes the vent (Second hole for air) blocks, and toilet flush becomes sluggish and produces bubbles.

A bubbling toilet indicates that the drain is clogged or has a vent. If the drain is clogged, use a plunger to clear it. However, if the clog is in the vent, you should use a plumber’s snake to unclog it. You can do this hit-and-trial method yourself without a professional helper.

Toilet Rocks to and Fro

An adequately installed toilet will rest on the floor and remain stationary. However, if the toilet is inadequately installed, it may start to and fro motion. Another possible reason for the toilet wobbling is the flange that connects the toilet to the drain.

If the flag is placed higher than the floor or its bolts are loosened, your toilet can wobble, and you can feel to and fro motion. Most of the time, you can tighten the flag’s bolts and resolve the problem.


Common toilet bowl problems are vital to discuss so that the commoners know about the typical issues and their solutions. More problems occur in the toilet tank, but few can also happen in the toilet bowl, like a cracked bowl, a bubbling toilet, a clogged toilet, and a sweating toilet.

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