5 Common Misconceptions About Instant Water Heaters

Common Misconceptions About Instant Water Heaters

Misconceptions about instant water heaters need to be debunked to bring clarity to buying these kinds of heaters. Water heaters are a must-have for the winter season because nobody wants to go under a shower that sprays chilled water on a freezing winter morning.

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Water heaters have two primary types instant water heaters and storage water heaters. Both of them have their pros and cons. You should select any of the two types that suits your requirements. However, in this article, instant water heaters will remain the center and attraction, and we will make sure to clear the misconception about these heaters.

What are Instant Water Heaters?

Instant water heaters have a reasonably small tank that only heats a limited quantity of water. Instant water heaters typically supply hot water to only one tap. These heaters instantly heat the water, usually in less than a minute. The heating element used in these heaters is made of copper and has a power rating of around 3000 w to 4500 w.

These water heaters readily heat a limited quantity of water and do not have a large storage capacity. They also do not occupy much space. Therefore, these heaters are suitable for compact houses with lesser family members. If you have ample space and more family members, you may look for the storage water heater option.

Misconceptions about Instant Water Heaters

Once you have come out of the debate of instant and storage water heaters and want to acquire more knowledge on instant water heaters, you must go through this section. This information will clear your most common misconceptions about instant water heaters. We have shortlisted the 5 most common misconceptions to add to this guide.

1.      Instant Water Heaters Supply Less Water

There is a misconception from the perspective of instant water heaters that they do not supply large quantities of water. However, in reality, it is subject to usage. If you keep using hot water, the instant heater will keep doing its job until you are finished.

However, the instant heater cannot store the hot water. It can only supply hot water the instant you use the tap; once you turn off the faucet, the heater stops accepting the new supply of cold water.

2.      Units Consumed

The power rating of the heating element of the instant water heater is higher than that of storage water heaters. Therefore, if you regularly use an instant water heater for a longer duration, it will consume more electrical units than its counterpart.

However, generally, the storage heater will consume more units because it will heat the water of its tank’s capacity irrespective of usage. For example, if you need 10 liters of hot water today, but your heater’s storage tank has a capacity of 30 liters, it will heat 30 liters of water. On the contrary, instant water heaters heat only the required quantity of water.

Concluding Remarks: On average, using the instant water heater efficiently can save you more in terms of electrical units.

3.      Instant Water heaters are Dangerous to Use

The purpose of water heaters is to supply hot water to the tap where it is required. But sometimes, fuming hot water comes scalding your skin, and on the other day, icing cold water will leave you shivering in the cold.

The above discussion is why it is a fundamental thought in the commoner that heaters can be dangerous to use. However, modern instant water heaters have a thermostat that allows you to set the desired water temperature.

Misconceptions About Instant Water Heaters

4.      Instant Water Heaters Require More Maintenance

It is a common misconception about instant water heaters that they require more maintenance than conventional water heaters. However, this is not generally true because the maintenance frequency depends on the hardness of the water.

If you use hard water, the sediments will gather at the bottom of the tank, requiring maintenance at least once a year. On the contrary, if you use soft water, you need a maintenance session once a couple of years. Therefore, the maintenance frequency is a function of the usage and hardness of the water.

5.      Continuous Flow of Water

Some believe instant water heaters do not provide a steady hot water supply. This confusion is because of yet another misconception, and that is about the age of this technology. People think that instant water heater technology is a budding one. However, it is an older technology and does the same job as the storage heaters do but without storing water.


Some people have misconceptions about instant water heaters and their use. Therefore, these misconceptions are worth addressing logically. Because if you do not research a product yourself, you will never know which one suits your requirement the most. Hence, it is vital to study the misconceptions and get your answer.

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